Stick Merge

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Play Stick Merge unblocked

In the Stick Merge game, you will have two main missions which are to merge guns and shoot enemies. You have to own the most powerful weapon to kill foes.

This game is inspired by the stickman game and shooting game. Your main character is a black stickman who has to fight various strong opponents. Let's help him! This game will bring fun to you after a long day. Of course, your warriors must battle for many days. The enemies will be stronger the next day. Therefore, strengthening your weapons is very important.

Explore two main missions in Stick Merge

In Toca Boca Kiss, you only have one task which is to help the character hide a kiss. However, you need to complete two missions in this stickman game.

Merge the guns

You are provided some fields which are used to merge the weapons. You can move two identical guns to one position and they will combine into a higher-level gun. You just follow this rule to get the strongest gun. The higher-level gun you have, the more difficult it is to innovate the new gun. You can buy many low-level guns with money. However, Stick Merge unlimited money is impossible. You have to earn money. The weapons can produce money by themselves but slowly. To get a lot of money, you can win the fight.

Shoot enemies

After you get a weapon, you can click the fire button to join the battle. You will move the target into the enemies to shoot. You must defeat all of them before they attack you. The more powerful you get, the more quickly you eliminate enemies.