Soccer Skills World Cup

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Soccer Skills World Cup - a special game

Soccer Skills World Cup allows you to control all football team members instead of one player. Your target is to get more points than your opponents.

Are you ready for the thrilling matches in this game? In a normal football game, you just need to control a character in the match. However, the Soccer Skills World Cup game will be more challenging because you must navigate all the players. It doesn't mean you have to steer all players at the same time. You will control the character who leads the ball. As soon as another touches the ball, you will move him. Don't let the opponents steal the ball! In case you don't like sports game, it's better to enjoy Candy Crush or Monkey Mart.

Three modes for all gamers

Soccer Skills World Cup is designed with 3 incredible modes: practice, play cup, and multiplayer. These modes can meet any gamer's demand. Now, we will have a quick look at them!

Practice mode

You will improve your skill here if you don't get used to the gameplay of this football game. There is no opposite team. Therefore, you just know how to lead, pass and shoot the ball.

Play cup mode

After practicing, it's time to join an official tournament. In this mode, you must beat other teams in the World Cup qualifiers. From that, you get a ticket to join the final round. If you get a victory in this round, you will take the cup home.

Multilayer mode

With this multiplayer, you won't be alone because you will compete with other gamers in the world. Before that, you must customize your teams such as team formation and formation tweaking. However, you need an entry fee to join a match. The fee is your points. Of course, you can get a worthy prize if you win.

How to navigate the team members

Click and hold the mouse down to drag to direct your player, then release the mouse to shoot. Before entering any match, you must select your team's country first.