Raft Wars 2

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Continuing the journey of the two Simon brothers

Raft Wars 2 was released after the success of the first version. The Simon brothers' opponents were no longer pirates. Shooting down all guards is your duty.

The plots of the second version

In the previous version, Simon - a three-year-old boy dug for gold and diamonds at a beach. However, the pirates want to rob the beach and the diamonds and gold. Simon's brother and he are determined to protect this treasure. An intense battle broke out. Two Simon brothers won. However, when they returned to the beach where the treasure was located, a water park was built right on top of the treasure. Thus, the two brothers could not dig up diamonds or gold. Therefore, they need to make this water park move to another location.

New opponents in this game

No more pirates will dare to return to the beach in this version. At this time, your opponent will be the people in this water park. It could be the greedy or protective neighbor of the water park. After the main character tries to spill the paint can into the water, the guards arrive and want to take the brothers down. They can achieve their goals unevenly depending on you. Take aim and take down all who dare stand in your way!

What do you need to do in the game Raft Wars 2

Just like other shooters, you need to take down enemies with your cannon. The bullet of this cannon is like a tennis ball, but its destructive power is very powerful. Make all enemies fall into the water. Do you love backgrounds with water? You should try Tiny Fishing where you will become a fisherman at sea.

Aim at the opponent

The two teams will stand in two positions facing each other and a great distance apart. You will only be able to approximate your opponent's position because the opponent will not appear when you aim. You will use the red dotted line to know the direction of the bullet and adjust the firing power. This game will require accuracy. You need to take down your opponent before they shoot you down. Each character has an HP bar. If this HP is depleted, the character will be removed from the battle. However, if the character is pushed into the water, he will be eliminated immediately. Therefore, it is best to push your opponent into the water with one shot. Good luck!

Upgrade items

The opponents will be more and more numerous and they will also be stronger. Therefore, you also need to make your character stronger day by day. After each battle, you will receive a certain amount of gold. This gold will be used to buy upgrades for your cannon or boat. After upgrading, your cannon will increase damage and the boat will also be stronger. Also, don't forget to buy a hat for your character to reduce enemy damage.

Game control: Swipe the mouse to aim and adjust the force and click the left mouse button to fire.