Poor Eddie

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Help a silly character to the finish line

Are you ready for a journey with Poor Eddie? Your task is to bring the character to the finish line. It won't be easy as many difficulties are along the way.

You will see a character with a bewildered expression and he will just stand still. You are the one to bring him to the destination. However, you also need to ensure his safety. Otherwise, you will be the loser. Many levels are waiting for you in this game.

Reach the destination in Poor Eddie

In fact, the distance from the starting position to the end is not long. Sometimes, you can even see the destination. However, you need to be very skillful to be able to complete the task.

Avoid thorns

Sharp black spikes can appear anywhere. You need to avoid hitting them as they will kill your character. Of course, at this point, you lose the game. There won't be too many scary traps. Sharp spikes are the main thing you need to avoid

Use the support system

You will probably see colored buttons along the way. They are the key to activating some of the systems in this game. They can help push or get your character to the finish line. Each system designed in this game has certain tasks.

How to control

You use the arrow keys to select the target to affect. Then use the space bar to perform the action. For example, your target is the character. When you press the spacebar, the character will move and move forward in Poor Eddie. You even can play Bullet League.io which also has the simple control.