Monster Tracks

6 votes 4.7/5

Drive a monster truck in endless tracks

The Monster Tracks game allows you to control a mad truck at the high speed. You can play this game on your mobile or desktop at any time you want.

Your mission in Monster Tracks

With retro graphics, this game still offers smooth movement. You can see an infinite road that can challenge any skillful driver. The road is very narrow and has got many slopes. Your truck can be easily turned over because of these slopes. If your truck bumps into the ground, the game will end immediately. To move as far as possible, you should buy upgrades for your cars. Each part of the truck can be upgraded. From that, the truck is less likely to roll over. Of course, you need coins to buy them. Let's collect coins along the road. Remember to keep the truck always safe to conquer this game.

How to control

You just need to use the up or right arrow key to move the car forward and press the down and left arrow keys to move backward. You can play this game on full-screen to enjoy each movement of the retro truck.

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