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Become a giant monster

Gobble is a fun platform where you will control a huge monster. To strengthen your power, you need to get anything in your mouth. Don't let any object be left!

The monster in this game reminds you of a hole in Hole.io. With the big mouse and two eyes, your monster can consume anything, even rocks. However, you don't need to compete with other opponents in this game. Your mission is to clear all objects on the screen. Then, you can pass a level.

Devour anything in Gobble

You will be sent to a strange platform with only some blocks or cacti. Let's use your big mouse to devour them. Let's move around and complete the mission. However, you also need to take care of something here.

Don't grab human

I say that you can devour everything, not humans. If one human falls into your mouth, you will lose. Sometimes, people will stand on the blocks. Therefore, you need to make them fall into the ground before swallowing blocks. You need to move very clearly to do this thing.

Don't let the long block balance

That sounds strange! Why long blocks aren't balanced on the ground? Your mouth size is not too big. So, it's hard to collect the blocks longer than the mouth. It's better to create gradients so that these long blocks drift into your mouth.

Experience different levels

This game has many levels and they are increasingly harder. Therefore, you need some tricks to overcome them. I believe that you can do it. You just need to use the mouse to conquer Gobble.