Drive Mad

545 votes 3.8/5

Walk through the Drive Mad game

You will drive a monster car in Drive Mad and overcome many bumpy roads. The target is to reach a finish line and you can enjoy many levels in this game.

The game has 100 levels which have different challenges. For example, level 5 is Limo Ledge where you must drive a long car. The rope bridge is your challenge because keeping the car even on this bridge is very hard.

Drive silly cars at high speeds in dangerous terrain

The road of Drive Mad is very narrow and it only fits one car. Moreover, you have to drive over shaking rope bridges. The slopes can overturn your car. You can tilt the car to keep balance and you just run as fast as possible. Don't think that driving slowly is a way to keep the car safe. That only put the car in danger.

Some features of Drive Mad

  • Any children can play the Drive Mad unblocked game at the school. They can have fun together because of its easy gameplay.
  • Various challenges at different levels are the most attractive feature of this game. Players won't be bored with them. However, you also can move to Zombie Tsunami Online if you aren't a driving game lover.

How to drive the car in Drive Mad

You can control the car to move forward with the right arrow or the up arrow. If you want to move backward, press the down arrow or left arrow. Players of all ages can enjoy this game in their leisure time. Besides this game, let's experience other games such as Steal the Diamond or Blumgi Ball. They have simple control, too!