Burger Bounty

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Manage burger restaurant

Burger Bounty will turn you into a character with many roles. You can do the work of a chef, waiter, and even cashier. You will grow your burger shop slowly.

To be able to multitask, you need to be agile. When starting out, your budget is not much. Therefore, the store will be only you. When you make a lot of money, hire more cashiers or waiters. At this point, you just need to upgrade your restaurant. Show us your business talent.

The works at the start of Burger Bounty

You will have three main tasks when you have to manage the whole restaurant alone. You will not have time to rest now because guests will enter the restaurant constantly. Don't keep your customers waiting too long.

Serving food and drinks

In fact, you don't have to make every single burger. You just need to move your character to the front of the kitchen. After that, the burger will automatically appear. Don't forget to get drinks at the water dispenser! Then bring them to the guest's table.

Clean up

After the guests have finished eating, you will bring the plates or cups into the kitchen. Put them in the sink. If there are still dirty plates or cups on the table, the other customers will not sit at that table.


Don't forget to collect money! The customer will come to the cashier and wait for you. You just go there and the guest will pay you. The longer guests wait, the less they pay. When you hire employees, your work is idler. You even can play Idle Breakout and Burger Bounty at once.