Blumgi Ball

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Play basketball with fun character

You have a chance to control the most adorable in Blumgi Ball. To advance the level, you must throw the ball into the basket which is put in the air.

You may join many online basketball games. Have you ever tried playing basketball on the air? The basket is designed in the sky, where you can see some flying seagulls. This game has many different characters which can be unlocked without cash or gold coins. You must reach a certain level to use them. Your character can be a frog, a bear, or even a dinosaur. Besides, the Blumgi Ball music is vibrant. You may encounter many cute characters and enjoy fun music in Battle Island.

How to pass a level in Blumgi Ball

You only level up when the ball goes through the basket. You must find the basket first. The first time, the basket will appear in your vision. However, you can see them at a high level. You need to move your character to find the basket. Remember to follow the introduction arrow. Your character can stop in the air, so moving is easier. Swipe the mouse to decide the direction of the character. You can do anything as long as the ball is through the ring.

Playing the Blumgi Ball game, you will find

  • The game has impressive graphics which can attack any child. You will fall in love with the bright colors and fun characters in this game.
  • Moreover, you can play Blumgi Ball unblocked at schools or offices.
  • Many levels can lengthen your fun. However, what should you do if you complete all levels? The answer is to play in the Soccer Skills World Cup game. You will have many thrilling matches in this game.